OpenJDK Tools

The OpenJDK tools are grouped into a number of categories.

Category Tools
Source and classfile tools java, javac, javadoc, javah, javap, apt
Other core tools extcheck, jar, native2ascii, rmiregistry, serialver, rmic, rmid
AWT tools appletviewer
Security tools keytool, policytool, and jarsigner
Serviceability tools jconsole, jcontrol, jrunscript, jsadebugd, jdb, jhat, jinfo, jmap, jps, jstack, jstat, jstatd

The Launcher

The Launcher is a small C program used by most tools to start a JVM and invoke the main program for the tool. It is built as needed for each tool as part of a full JDK build.

It is also the same program which can invoke a user's main program in a JVM.

Other Tools

In addition, the following tools are redistributed from the Glassfish project: