OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop

Duke hacking pipes

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, and to help protect the health and safety of developers, customers, employees, partners, and everyone who helps host the event, Oracle will not hold an an in-person Committers’ Workshop in the summer of 2020.

We’re exploring the possibility of holding a virtual event in a similar time frame, but have no definite plans as yet. Stay tuned …


The Workshop is organized by:

Andrew Haley (Red Hat)
Doug Lea (SUNY Oswego)
Stuart Marks (Oracle)
Liam Miller-Cushon (Google)
Mark Reinhold (Oracle)
Dalibor Topic (Oracle)
Johan Vos (Gluon)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Send a note to, the general mailing list for anyone interested in the Workshop. (Make sure to subscribe to the list before you post to it, otherwise your message will be rejected as spam.)