JDK 9 Rampdown Phase One

The specific goals of this phase are to:

P4-P5 bugs should, in general, be left to future releases unless they only affect documentation or tests, in which case they should be identified as such with the noreg-doc, noreg-demo, or noreg-self labels, respectively.

The current list of candidate Rampdown Phase One (RDP 1) bugs can be found here: http://j.mp/jdk9-rdp-1. If you're responsible for a bug on this list then you can take one of the following actions:

In any case, do not change the priority of a bug in order to remove it from the list. The priority of a bug should reflect the importance of fixing it independent of any particular release, as has been standard practice for the JDK for many years.

Last update: 2017/1/18 16:52 UTC