JDK 9 Bug-Deferral Process

This process applies from Rampdown Phase One until the end of the release.

Requesting a deferral

If you own a bug that will not be fixed in the current phase of JDK 9 development then you can request a deferral as follows: Update the JBS issue to add a comment whose first line is "Deferral Request". In that comment briefly describe the reason for the deferral (e.g., insufficient time, complexity or risk of fix, etc.). Add the label jdk9-defer-request to the issue.

Deferrals will not be granted for TCK issues as identified by the label tck-red-9. Deferrals are also unlikely for bugs that prevent release testing.

Reviewing deferral requests

The Area Leads, relevant Group Leads, and the JDK 9 Project Lead will review pending deferral requests on a regular basis, at least weekly if not more often. One of them will take one of the following actions:

JBS query for pending requests: http://j.mp/jdk9-defer-pending

Responding to actions taken on your request

Last update: 2017/3/23 23:01 UTC