JDK 23

This release will be the Reference Implementation of version 23 of the Java SE Platform, as specified by JSR 398 in the Java Community Process.


JDK 23 is in Rampdown Phase One. The overall feature set is frozen. No further JEPs will be targeted to this release.

The stabilization branch, jdk23, is open for select bug fixes and, with approval, late enhancements per the JDK Release Process (JEP 3). Integrate most stabilization changes via backports from the main line.


2024/06/06 Rampdown Phase One (branch from main line)
2024/07/18 Rampdown Phase Two
2024/08/08 Initial Release Candidate
2024/08/22 Final Release Candidate
2024/09/17 General Availability


455: Primitive Types in Patterns, instanceof, and switch (Preview)
466: Class-File API (Second Preview)
467: Markdown Documentation Comments
469: Vector API (Eighth Incubator)
473: Stream Gatherers (Second Preview)
471: Deprecate the Memory-Access Methods in sun.misc.Unsafe for Removal
474: ZGC: Generational Mode by Default
476: Module Import Declarations (Preview)
477: Implicitly Declared Classes and Instance Main Methods (Third Preview)
480: Structured Concurrency (Third Preview)
481: Scoped Values (Third Preview)
482: Flexible Constructor Bodies (Second Preview)
Last update: 2024/6/6 16:52 UTC