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The JDK 8 development schedule was divided into a sequence of milestone cycles, most six to eight weeks in length, with builds occuring roughly once each week. There were no formal beta or early-access releases. Major features and other potentially-destabilizing changes were targeted for integration early in a specific milestone.

Here is the milestone schedule, with the features integrated in each cycle:

M1 2012/04/26 (b36)
117 Remove the Annotation-Processing Tool (apt)
M2 2012/06/14 (b43)
M3 2012/08/02 (b50)
124 Enhance the Certificate Revocation-Checking API
130 SHA-224 Message Digests
131 PKCS#11 Crypto Provider for 64-bit Windows
M4 2012/09/13 (b56)
112 Charset Implementation Improvements
129 NSA Suite B Cryptographic Algorithms
M5 2012/11/29 (b66)
105 DocTree API
106 Add Javadoc to javax.tools
113 MS-SFU Kerberos 5 Extensions
114 TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension
121 Stronger Algorithms for Password-Based Encryption
122 Remove the Permanent Generation
127 Improve Locale Data Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data
128 BCP 47 Locale Matching
133 Unicode 6.2
136 Enhanced Verification Errors
153 Launch JavaFX Applications
177 Optimize java.text.DecimalFormat.format
M6 2013/01/31 (b75)
103 Parallel Array Sorting
135 Base64 Encoding & Decoding
138 Autoconf-Based Build System
139 Enhance javac to Improve Build Speed
142 Reduce Cache Contention on Specified Fields
147 Reduce Class Metadata Footprint
148 Small VM
149 Reduce Core-Library Memory Usage
150 Date & Time API
160 Lambda-Form Representation for Method Handles
164 Leverage CPU Instructions for AES Cryptography
166 Overhaul JKS-JCEKS-PKCS12 Keystores
170 JDBC 4.2
172 DocLint
173 Retire Some Rarely-Used GC Combinations
M7 2013/06/13 (b94) Feature Complete
101 Generalized Target-Type Inference
104 Annotations on Java Types
107 Bulk Data Operations for Collections
109 Enhance Core Libraries with Lambda
115 AEAD CipherSuites
118 Access to Parameter Names at Runtime
119 javax.lang.model Implementation Backed by Core Reflection
120 Repeating Annotations
123 Configurable Secure Random-Number Generation
126 Lambda Expressions & Virtual Extension Methods
140 Limited doPrivileged
155 Concurrency Updates
161 Compact Profiles
162 Prepare for Modularization
171 Fence Intrinsics
174 Nashorn JavaScript Engine
176 Mechanical Checking of Caller-Sensitive Methods
178 Statically-Linked JNI Libraries
179 Document JDK API Support and Stability
180 Handle Frequent HashMap Collisions with Balanced Trees
184 HTTP URL Permissions
185 Restrict Fetching of External XML Resources
2013/07/18 Rampdown start
M8 2013/09/05 (b106) Developer Preview
2013/09/12 All Tests Run
2013/10/10 API/Interface Freeze
2013/10/24 Zero Bug Bounce
2013/11/21 Rampdown phase 2
M9 2014/01/23 Final Release Candidate
GA 2014/03/18 General Availability

Milestone definitions

The early development milestones (M1–M6) were date-driven; they came and went regardless of the state of the release. Most later milestones are condition-driven; we intended to reach the goal of the milestone by the given date, but if we didn't then we declared the milestone at a later date and adjusted any following milestones as necessary. Here are definitions of the later milestones, in the order in which they occur:

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