JDK 10 Release-Candidate Phase

The overall goal of this phase is to ensure that we fix only those bugs that are absolutely critical to the success of the release.

The specific goals of this phase are to:

All P2-P5 bugs must be left to future releases, regardless of whether they are in product code, tests, or documentation. Fixes with the noreg-doc or noreg-test labels, in particular, now require explicit approval and must be P1.

There is no need to defer unfixed P2-P5 bugs explicitly.

From this point forward we will only promote a new build each week when there is a need to do so.

P1 bugs

The current list of candidate Release Candidate bugs can be found here: http://j.mp/jdk-rc. If you're responsible for a bug on this list then you can take one of the following actions:

In any case, do not change the priority of a bug in order to remove it from the list. The priority of a bug should reflect the importance of fixing it independent of any particular release, as has been standard practice for the JDK for many years.

P2-P5 bugs

The RC candidate list only contains P1 bugs. P2-P5 bugs are irrelevant to the overall status of the release from this point forward, regardless of whether or not they're targeted, so there's no need to take any specific action on any P2-P5 bugs. You don't need to defer them, either explicitly via the deferral process or even implicitly by adjusting the "Fix Version" field, though you can set the value of that field to tbd_feature or tbd_update if you think that will be useful information later on.

P2-P5 bugs whose fixes only affect tests (or test problem lists) or documentation may no longer be fixed.

Last update: 2018/2/9 18:16 UTC