JDK 10 Bug-Deferral Process

This process applies from Rampdown Phase One until the end of the release.

Requesting a deferral

If you own a bug that will not be fixed in the current phase of JDK 10 development then you can request a deferral as follows: Update the JBS issue to add a comment whose first line is "Deferral Request". In that comment briefly describe the reason for the deferral (e.g., insufficient time, complexity or risk of fix, etc.). Add the label jdk10-defer-request to the issue.

Deferrals will not be granted for TCK issues identified by the label tck-red-10, except possibly when new TCK tests are involved. Deferrals are unlikely for bugs that prevent release testing.

Reviewing deferral requests

The Area Leads, relevant Group Leads, and the JDK Project Lead will review pending deferral requests on a regular basis, several times per week. One of them will take one of the following actions:

JBS query for pending requests: http://j.mp/jdk-defer-pending

Responding to actions taken on your request

Last update: 2017/12/24 04:47 UTC