JDK 10 Group, Area, & Project Leads

Requests submitted to the Bug-Deferral Process are reviewed by the relevant Group Leads, the Area Leads, and the JDK Project Lead.

The relevant Group Leads are as follows, per the Census:

Sergey Bylokhov AWT
Tim Bell Build
Jonathan Gibbons Compiler
Alan Bateman Core Libraries
Vladimir Kozlov HotSpot
Naoto Sato Internationalization
Michael McMahon Networking
Kevin Rushforth OpenJFX
Dalibor Topic Porters
Sean Mullan Security
Staffan Larsen Serviceability
Alexander Scherbatiy Swing
Phil Race 2D Graphics & Sound

The Area Leads are Brian Goetz (Language & Libraries), Kevin Rushforth (Client Libraries), and Mikael Vidstedt (VM).

The JDK Project Lead is Mark Reinhold.

Last update: 2017/12/15 16:08 UTC