Audio Synthesis Engine Project

An encumbrance. This Project became inactive shortly after the feature was delivered into JDK 7 and was subsequently dissolved Oct 2023. Discussion about sound components may be found on client-libs-dev.


The goal of this project is to create new open source JDK software midi synthesizer implementation.

The current midi synthesizer implementation is a part of licenced library and has the following disadvantages:

This project has temporary nature and will be open until all major objectives are acomplished. The project could be implemented incrementally (initially some basic functionality could be implemented and then it can be enhanced with additianal features).


Software MIDI Synthesizer is closely related with Instrument and Soundbank. Synthesizer uses Instruments to produce sound (actually Instruments difine how MIDI instuments should sound), Soundbank is set of Instruments and usually represents soundbank files (allows to load resources, in particular instruments, from soundbank file).

Requirements and objectives

The main objective is: provide a reasonable alternative to the proprietary implementation (feature and quality wise).

Requirements for solution: