This section provides a description of the prototype implementation for the SCTP API.


One of the goals of this project is to provide a prototype implementation. This prototype will be developed outside of the OpenJDK JDK7 project and will be integrated into that project at a later stage. To achieve this, an SCTP specific forest of mecurial repositories has been setup to hold the source code. These repositories will be sync'ed periodically with the JDK7 Tools & Libraries repository to keep it up to date with the latest JDK7 source. Notifications of these changesets will be sent to sctp-dev .

Supported Platforms

Implementing the SCTP protocol itself is outside of the scope of this project, instead we plan to leverage the platform support. Therefore, what platforms have native SCTP support has a direct impact on the targeted platforms for the Java prototype. The current plan is to provide a prototype implementation on Solaris and Linux only. Implementations on other platforms are welcome.

Solaris provides support for SCTP since Solaris 10. No additional libraries are required. On Linux we leverage the LKSCTP stack. Recent 2.6 kernel versions are preferred and an additional library is required to provide user level access to additional SCTP specific functionality that is required by the prototype.


The source code for the SCTP API and prototype implementation can be found in the mercurial repositories at The SCTP specific source can be found in the jdk repository under:

Complete file list.


If you don't feel like building your own SCTP implementation then you can download pre-built binaries. See getting started for help with how to configure your system to run with SCTP.