Thank you to the JSR-203 Expert Group for the many conference calls and discussions that lead to the JSR-203 specification.

In particular, Mike Edwards (IBM) and Doug Lea for their guidance and time invested in the Asynchronous I/O API, and Carl Quinn (Google), Nick Crossley (Telelogic, now IBM), Kazuhiro Kazama (NTT), and others for their time, feedback, and input that lead to the File System API.

Thank you to Iris Clark, Vincent Ryan, Chris Hegarty, Tom Hawtin, Joe Darcy, Eamonn McManus, Maurizio Cimadamore and many other colleagues in Sun Microsystems that provided feedback and input into the specification.

Finally, thank you to the many members of the community that have been providing input and feedback since the Early Draft Review release of the specification. Special thanks to Mark Thornton, Remi Forax, Elliotte Harold and the many others that have tried the builds and reported API and implementation bugs.