JDK Mission Control 8 is the second open source version of JDK Mission Control and is in General Availability since January of 2021. It is the first version of JDK Mission Control based off the new GitHub repo.

JDK Mission Control 8 is currently in development. Binaries are available from Oracle (JMC 8.0.1) and AdoptOpenJDK (JMC 8.0.0).


Development is taking place in this GitHub repo.

The enhancements and bugs fixed so far can be seen in JMC 8 Result dashboard in JBS.

The current overall project issue status can be seen in the JMC 8 dashboard in JBS.

For JMC Committers, the current iteration can be followed in the JMC 8 Agile Board in JBS.

The source release of JMC 8.1.0 is planned for August 2021.



2021/06/02 Rampdown Start (RDS)
2021/07/02 Rampdown Phase 2 (RDP2)
2021/08/04 Source Release


2021/11/24 Rampdown Start (RDS)
2021/12/22 Rampdown Phase 2 (RDP2)
2022/01/19 Source Release
Last update: 2021/07/27