JDK 9 Fix-Request Process

This process applies from Rampdown Phase Two until the end of the release.

Requesting approval to integrate a fix

Before you spend too much time on a fix for a P1 or P2 bug, seek advice from a Group or Area Lead, on an appropriate mailing list, to make sure that fixing the bug in this release is actually a reasonable idea.

When you are nearly ready with a fix then update the JBS issue to add a comment whose first line is "Fix Request". In that comment briefly describe why it's important to fix this bug, explain the nature of the fix, estimate its risk, describe its test coverage, and indicate who has reviewed it. If you have a webrev for the fix then include a link to that in the comment; otherwise, attach the patch for the fix to the JBS issue. Add the label jdk9-fix-request to the issue.

Reviewing fix requests

The Area Leads, relevant Group Leads, and the JDK 9 Project Lead will review the pending fix requests on a regular basis, at least weekly to start and more frequently as we approach the GA date. In case of an urgent situation you are welcome to contact an appropriate reviewer directly in order to solicit a prompt review.

A reviewer will take one of the following actions:

JBS query for pending fix requests: http://j.mp/jdk9-fix-pending

Responding to actions taken on your request

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