Repository Maintainers


Repository maintainers are responsible for approving requests to push fixes to the repos they maintain. This involves checking that the bug is appropriate for inclusion into the targeted repo. Examples of things that a maintainer would generally check include:

Lead Maintainer

A Lead Maintainer is the primary maintainer on a given repo. A lead maintainer has the additional authority to appoint new co-maintainers to the repository for which they are responsible.


In the event that the maintainer(s) wish to step down from the position, (leaving the repository without a maintainer) a new lead maintainer must be sought.

Lead Maintainer election

Prior to appointing a Lead Maintainer, a request for nominations MUST be sent to the mailing list by the Project Lead.

After a one-week nomination period, the Project Lead will select a candidate from amongst the nominees and then ratify this selection via a one-week Lazy Consensus vote of this Project's Committers and Reviewers.