Public Code Review



Before asking for code review, make sure your fix is applied on the most recent revision of the code you intend to work on, that there are no build errors on the supported platforms for the release you're working on, and that any included or otherwise applicable tests pass without failures on all relevant platforms. If you're not able to build or test on all supported platforms, you MUST let the reviewers know which ones you were able to build and test on, as well as whether you anticipate any issues on the platforms you haven't been able to build and test on.

Rule 0

Code reviews for public JDK Update repos MUST be done publicly: Either through e-mail on mailing list, or using some other suitable public mechanism.

Rule 1

If the content of a changeset submitted for review for a public JDK Update repo differs from the corresponding JDK project changeset, or if there is no corresponding JDK project changeset, then the changeset MUST be submitted publicly for review:

Rule 2

A changeset submitted for the JDK Updates repo MUST be reviewed by at least one reviewer. The maintainer responsible for approval of the changeset MAY request additional, specific reviewers to review the changeset, e. g. component leads.

Rule 3

When backporting a changeset from the JDK project to the JDK Updates project, you SHOULD ensure you have agreement from the original author and reviewers that it's suitable for backporting.