IcedTea Project

IcedTea aims to make it easier for users to build and deploy OpenJDK, especially when using Free tools. IcedTea is the variant of OpenJDK currently distributed with GNU/Linux distributions such as Fedora, Gentoo and Debian, and our primary focus is to continue to support OpenJDK on GNU/Linux across multiple architectures. However, we do welcome patches that add support for other operating systems, provided such support will be maintained.

In due time, we hope that many of the enhancements provided by IcedTea will appear in the main OpenJDK7 development tree. In the meantime, this project will act as a staging ground for migrating work from the external IcedTea repositories to a true OpenJDK forest, thus easing the process of keeping up with OpenJDK development and simplifying the process of contributing our work back to OpenJDK7. All patches in IcedTea7 for which the author has signed the OCA will now be hosted here as part of the Mercurial forest rather than as individual patches in the external IcedTea7 tree.

This Project is sponsored by the Porters Group.