Friday Stats: Custom tools to analyze OpenJDK

Friday Stats is a collection of custom small utilities for analyzing the OpenJDK code base. The name is a reference to a tradition of writing such utilities on a Friday and publishing the results in emails entitled Friday Stats: ...

The following is a list of the utilities currently available.


Remove the expected set of "informational" messages from a build log, leaving the set of messages that deserve attention. The number of such lines is also generated, to facilitate generating a trend graph to monitor progress over time.


Report on the different types of warnings found by analyzing a verbose build log.


Report on the class file versions used by a set of class files.


Report on the number of lint and doclint messages found in a given set of packages in a project. The program uses javac to analyze the source code for the packages, and then creates a summary table identifying the number of each different type of message for each package that was analyzed.

In general, these utilities are intended to be suitable for use both by developers, as part of their everyday work environment, and in continuous integration environments, such as Hudson or Jenkins.