OpenJDK Web Site Terms of Use: Plain English

The following is intended to be a plain-English summary of the major rights and obligations of users of the mailing lists, code repositories, web pages, and other materials of this Site. Be aware, however, that the use of the Site is governed solely by the official Terms of Use available at

The OpenJDK Community is an association of developers who collaborate upon specifications and open-source implementations of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, and upon closely-related projects.

Most code on the Site is provided by Oracle under the GNU General Public License version 2 ("GPLv2"), in some cases with the OpenJDK Assembly Exception and/or the Classpath Exception. When such materials are provided under an alternate or additional open-source license, for example Apache or BSD, then there is a prominent declaration to that effect.

Beyond the rights granted to you by these licenses you additionally have the right to evaluate, modify, and comment upon any materials posted on the Site. You can also post modified materials back to the Site.

Specifications and draft specifications are generally provided under separate licenses which generally allow for similar rights to evaluate, modify, and comment.

When you post a modified version of code originally provided under a particular license or licenses then you grant to other users of the Site a license to use that material under the same license terms. When you post new code then you grant rights to use that material under, at minimum, the GPLv2. If the portion of the Site to which you post new code declares that any additional open-source licenses are in use then you also grant rights to use that material under those license terms.

When you post any material you always grant the right to evaluate, modify, and comment upon it, and to post modifications of it back to the Site. Care must be taken not to post code or specification materials that are received under one license in one area of the Site to an area of the Site covered by a different, non-compatible license.

You also grant Oracle a broad, royalty-free license to modify and use your posted materials, not only in products and materials licensed under the GPLv2 but also in products and materials licensed under different terms.

Materials other than code and specifications can be used and modified under a broad license by both Oracle and other users of the Site.

The terms of use available at contain additional rights and restrictions pertaining to your access to and use of the Site, including considerations of privacy, security, and confidentiality.

Date: 6 March 2012