JEP 257: Update JavaFX/Media to Newer Version of GStreamer

AuthorMarty Thompson
OwnerAlexander Matveev
StatusClosed / Delivered
Componentjavafx / media
Discussionopenjfx dash dev at openjdk dot java dot net
Reviewed byKevin Rushforth, Victor Dyakov
Endorsed byKevin Rushforth
Created2014/05/16 20:23
Updated2022/11/21 21:48


Update the version of GStreamer included in FX/Media in order to improve security, stability, and performance.


It is not a goal to introduce any new functionality, e.g., dynamic pipelines.


The version of GStreamer included in FX/Media today is out of date, and is missing stability and performance fixes made to GStreamer's C code since June of 2011. Updating from the current 0.10.35 version to a 1.x version of GStreamer requires time and effort, and we would like to be proactive in updating so that we can more easily respond to future GStreamer security updates.


The latest stable release of GStreamer is 1.4.4, released on 2014/11/10. Integrating this release will require updating our existing plug-ins, since it contains incompatible API changes. The JFXMedia layer that builds the GStreamer pipline should not require many changesd; it is most likely already compatible with the latest GStreamer.

We will also need to update the copy of GLib included in FX/Media. (This is used on Windows and OS X, which do not themselves provide GLib; on Linux we use the GLib provided by the distro.) Our copy of GLib is currently at version 2.28.8; the new GStreamer requires at least 2.32, but it's better to take the latest, so we will update to GLib 2.42.1 and, along with that, LibFFI 3.2.1.


No new tests are needed.