IDE Tooling & Support Group

The goal of this Group is to extensively document current IDE alternatives for working on the OpenJDK codebase and to centralize tooling support discussions.

We already have pretty comprehensive support for OpenJDK development in both IntelliJ and Netbeans, but the main, long standing problem has been one of lack of adequate communication and coordination between these various efforts, which often led (frustrated) developers to the path of "I'll write my own support".

This group will, first and foremost, extensively document the alternatives that are already available at present, as well as to capture discussions related to tooling support which are currently scattered among many mailing list (compiler-dev, jtreg-dev, build-dev).

We want OpenJDK to be a welcoming place for developers, and this group feels that improving IDE/tooling support plays a crucial role in reducing the activation energy required to start hacking on the OpenJDK codebase.