OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 2023/01/19

The OpenJDK Governing Board met via conference call on Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 16:00 UTC with no initial agenda.

Four Board members were present: Georges Saab, Annette Keenleyside, Volker Simonis, and Mark Reinhold.

The intent of these minutes is to capture the conversational flow of the Board's discussion and also to record decisions. If you are interested only in the latter then search for the word "AGREED" throughout the text.

0. Agenda?

Georges declared the meeting quorate, wished everyone a Happy New Year, and requested agenda items. When none were offered, he reminded the Board that this was the mandatory quarterly meeting which convenes regardless of whether there are agenda items, per the Bylaws. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed.

There were a few announcements:

The Governing Board annual election for the two At-Large members will begin mid/late February with an announcement that the election is coming. One week later there will be a request for nominations lasting two weeks. After the nomination period has closed, the two week polling period begins. The results will be announced the last week of March. Georges expected that any outstanding minutes would be reviewed and approved by the time polling begins.

Georges said that the next quarterly meeting (Apr - Jun) would be scheduled in advance similar to this one. He recommended submitting agenda items as they occur rather than waiting for the usual solicitation.

Volker observed that the Census page is problematic because the mapping between OpenJDK and GitHub userids is not obvious. He knows that such a mapping exists because the OpenJDK role is included in lists of pull request reviewers. Mark replied that he had similar difficulties and would inquire if there were any obstructions to enhancing the Census to include the GitHub userid.

Volker asked whether it would be possible to enable Markdown for all of JBS, not just CSRs and JEPs. Mark said that Markdown in JBS was an extremely painful topic because there is no good plugin for JIRA. The one currently used for CSRs and JEPs is buggy and thus a source of annoyance, particularly for those working with JEPs. Also, many bug reports are extremely old (circa 1993, 1994) and were written in systems that did not support any kind of markup. Running a formatter on them would cause problems. The ideal solution would be to only allow Markdown for new issues; however, that would require JIRA customizations. The presence of customizations is an obstacle to the clean application of security updates. He is reluctant to ask the Infra Team to enable Markdown for all of JBS. Volker hoped that a better Markdown plugin would be found.

Volker requested status on the JEP 2.0 Process Proposal. Mark replied that he had a new draft which he hoped to circulate soon. He had not decided if it should be called "JEP 3.0" or "JEP 2.0 (Second Preview)".

Annette asked about the outlook for when the Project Galahad CFV would be held. Georges started by saying that strictly speaking this was not a Board issue; it is an issue for the folks who are proposing the Project. However, he would imagine that it would be done soon.

At this point, the Board adjourned.