OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 2019/10/10

The OpenJDK Governing Board met via conference call on Thursday, 10 October 2019 at 15:00 UTC with the following agenda:

  1. Skara progress (Joe Darcy)
  2. Any other business

Three Board members were present: Georges Saab, Doug Lea, and Mark Reinhold. Andrew Haley sent his regrets in advance.

The intent of these minutes is to capture the conversational flow of the Board's discussion and also to record decisions. If you are interested only in the latter then search for the word "AGREED" throughout the text.

1. Skara progress (Joe Darcy)

Georges introduced Joe Darcy of Oracle, the Lead for Project Skara. Joe presented a set of slides providing a quick update on Project Skara and Git. Highlights include the following:

After stepping through the slides, Doug congratulated the members of the Skara team on their progress so far. He indicated that he favored storing code on servers under maintenance by professionals. Joe said that he had reason to believe that the hosting choice may be problematic for some. Doug commented that if Mercurial operations were faster, the transition would not be necessary. Mark replied that the problem was with Oracle's network infrastructure, not Mercurial.

Doug noted that the presence of so many bots was a slight concern since they represented points of failure. Joe replied that the bots represent trade-offs. They automated existing manual processes (e.g. OCA Signatory List checking) for a better user experience; however, more automation requires more moving parts.

In closing, Georges complimented the Skara team's work, observing that when transitions of difficult and complex systems are successful, nobody notices. He looked forward to more updates as Skara progressed and encouraged members of the OpenJDK Community to try out the Skara mirrors.

At this point, the Board adjourned.