Governing Board Minutes: 2013/5/23

The OpenJDK Governing Board met via conference call on Thursday, 23 May 2013 at 16:00 UTC with the following agenda:

  1. OpenJDK Scorecard Interim Update
  2. Any other business

All five Board members were present: Georges Saab, John Duimovich, Andrew Haley, Doug Lea, and Mark Reinhold.

One Observer was present: Mike Milinkovich.

The intent of these minutes is to capture the conversational flow of the Board’s discussion and also to record decisions. If you are interested only in the latter then search for the word “AGREED” throughout the text.

1. OpenJDK Scorecard Interim Update

Mark began the meeting by describing the purpose of the DRAFT Scorecard Interim Assessment. He described it as a self-assessment a little more than six months after the 2012 Scorecard survey was taken. The first page has a summary of the main changes since that time. Major changes are highlighted by Duke icons and include infrastructure improvements, particularly the OpenJDK wiki. Mark suggested focusing on the right hand column, which noted where changes occurred. The scores were not updated.

There was general consensus that the Interim Update should be published with the minutes of this meeting. Doug and Andrew suggested that the Board do a quick walk-through to provide feedback. For the most part the walk-through consisted of Mark providing general summaries of the contents of the right-hand column of the Scorecard.

There were several comments and questions:

After reviewing the content, Doug returned to the question of making the Scorecard the Annual Report. Mark advised retro-actively declaring the 2012 Scorecard as the 2012 Annual Report.

AGREED: The 2012 Scorecard will be the 2012 Annual Report and, going forward, the Board will consider the Scorecard update that occurs around September to be the Annual Report.

To close this agenda item Mark stated that he would update the draft to include the clarifications that Doug requested. The summary would also be clarified to say that the scores were not changed.

2. Any other business

None raised.

At this point the Board adjourned.