Distinguishing 2D vs AWT source files

Its understandably unclear to most people which parts of the JDK implementation are considered parts of the Java 2D component, and which are parts of the AWT component. The overlap of the package hierarchy has a lot to do with this, and that goes back to JDK 1.0, before there was a Java 2D. Once you understand that AWT is more about windowing system and desktop interaction, and 2D is all about rendering, including imaging - including to printers!, it may become a little easier. The following breakdown may help people going forward. Changes to AWT should go to the awt-dev list and for 2D, to the 2d-dev mailing list. There's also some minimal overlap with I18N (Internationalization).

Ownership of files in src/java.desktop/share/classes/java/awt

AWT          AWTError.java
AWT          AWTEvent.java
AWT          AWTEventMulticaster.java
AWT          AWTException.java
AWT          AWTKeyStroke.java
AWT          AWTPermission.java
AWT          ActiveEvent.java
AWT          Adjustable.java
2d           AlphaComposite.java
AWT          AttributeValue.java
2d           BasicStroke.java
AWT          BorderLayout.java
AWT          BufferCapabilities.java
AWT          Button.java
AWT          Canvas.java
AWT          CardLayout.java
AWT          Checkbox.java
AWT          CheckboxGroup.java
AWT          CheckboxMenuItem.java
AWT          Choice.java
2d           Color.java
2d           ColorPaintContext.java
AWT/I18n     Component.java
I18n/AWT     ComponentOrientation.java
2d           Composite.java
2d           CompositeContext.java
AWT          Conditional.java
AWT          Container.java
AWT          ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy.java
AWT          Cursor.java
AWT          DefaultFocusTraversalPolicy.java
AWT          DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.java
AWT          Dialog.java
AWT          Dimension.java
2d           DisplayMode.java
AWT          Event.java
AWT          EventDispatchThread.java
AWT          EventQueue.java
AWT          FileDialog.java
AWT          FlowLayout.java
AWT          FocusTraversalPolicy.java
2d           Font.java
2d           FontFormatException.java
2d           FontMetrics.java
AWT          Frame.java
2d           GradientPaint.java
2d           GradientPaintContext.java
2d           Graphics.java
2d           Graphics2D.java
AWT          GraphicsCallback.java
AWT          GraphicsConfigTemplate.java
2d/AWT       GraphicsConfiguration.java
2d/AWT       GraphicsDevice.java
2d/AWT       GraphicsEnvironment.java
AWT          GridBagConstraints.java
AWT          GridBagLayout.java
AWT          GridLayout.java
AWT          HeadlessException.java
AWT          IllegalComponentStateException.java
2d           Image.java
2d           ImageCapabilities.java
AWT          Insets.java
AWT          ItemSelectable.java
AWT          JobAttributes.java
AWT          KeyEventDispatcher.java
AWT          KeyEventPostProcessor.java
AWT          KeyboardFocusManager.java
AWT          Label.java
AWT          LayoutManager.java
AWT          LayoutManager2.java
AWT          List.java
2d/AWT       MediaTracker.java
AWT          Menu.java
AWT          MenuBar.java
AWT          MenuComponent.java
AWT          MenuContainer.java
AWT          MenuItem.java
AWT          MenuShortcut.java
AWT          PageAttributes.java
2d           Paint.java
2d           PaintContext.java
AWT          Panel.java
2d           Point.java
2d           Polygon.java
AWT          PopupMenu.java
AWT/2d       PrintGraphics.java
AWT/2d       PrintJob.java
2d           Rectangle.java
2d           RenderingHints.java
AWT          Robot.java
AWT          ScrollPane.java
AWT          ScrollPaneAdjustable.java
AWT          Scrollbar.java
AWT          SentEvent.java
AWT          SequencedEvent.java
2d           Shape.java
2d           Stroke.java
AWT          SystemColor.java
AWT          TextArea.java
AWT          TextComponent.java
AWT          TextField.java
2d           TexturePaint.java
2d           TexturePaintContext.java
AWT/I18n     Toolkit.java
AWT          Transparency.java
AWT/I18n     Window.java
accessibility accessibility/
2d            color/
dnd           datatransfer/
dnd           dnd/
AWT           event/
2d            font/
2d            geom/
I18n          im/
2d            image/
AWT           peer/
2d            print/

Ownership of directories in src/java.desktop/share/classes/sun

2d            awt/FontConfiguration.java
2d            awt/FontDescriptor.java
2d            awt/SunHints.java
AWT,I18n      awt/*.java
2d            awt/color
drag&drop     awt/datatransfer
drag&drop     awt/dnd
2d            awt/font
2d            awt/geom
I18n          awt/im
2d            awt/image
2d            awt/print
AWT           awt/resources
AWT           awt/robot
AWT           awt/shell
2d            java2d/
2d            print/
I18n          text/  

Ownership of other directories in src/java.desktop/share

imageio       classes/javax/imageio
2d            classes/javax/print
2d            classes/com/sun/media
imageio       classes/com/sun/imageio
2d            native/libawt (yes I know this seems odd but it is correct)
2d            native/libfontmanager
2d            native/libfreetype
2d            native/libharfbuzz
2d            native/libjavajpeg
2d            native/liblcms
sound         native/libjsound
2d            native/libmlib_image
awt           native/libsplashscreen

Ownership of directories in src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun

awt          awt/
2d           font/
2d           java2d/
2d           print/

Ownership of files/directories in src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt

 AWT          X11/
 2d           FcFontManager.java
 2d           PlatformGraphicsInfo.java
 2d           X11FontManager.java
 I18n         X11/XInputMethod.java
 I18n         X11/XInputMethodDescriptor.java
 2d, AWT      X11GraphicsConfig.java
 2d, AWT      X11GraphicsDevice.java
 2d, AWT      X11GraphicsEnvironment.java

Ownership of files/directories in src/java.desktop/unix/native/

 2d           common
 2d           libawt
 2d           libfontmanager
 AWT          libawt_headless
 AWT          libawt_xawt
 AWT          libjawt
 AWT          libsplashscreen

Ownership of directories in src/java.desktop/windows/classes/sun

 2d/awt       awt
 2d           font
 2d           java2d
 2d           print
 swing        swint

Ownership of files/directories in src/java.desktop/windows/classes/sun/awt

 2d           Win32ColorModel24.java
 2d, AWT      Win32GraphicsConfig.java
 2d, AWT      Win32GraphicsDevice.java
 2d, AWT      Win32GraphicsEnvironment.java
 2d, AWT      print/
 AWT          shell/

Ownership of files/directories in src/java.desktop/windows/classes/sun/awt/windows

 2d           WFontMetrics.java
 2d           WFontConfiguration.java
 2d           WFontPeer.java
 2d           WImage.java
 2d           WImageRepresentation.java
 I18n         WInputMethod.java
 I18n         WInputMethodDescriptor.java
 2d           WPathGraphics.java
 2d, AWT      WPrintDialog.java  (AWT printing: 2d owns this for 1.4+, AWT o/w)
 2d, AWT      WPrintDialogPeer.java (AWT printing:2d owns this in 1.4+,AWT o/w)
 2d           WPrinterJob.java
 2d           WVolatileImage.java
 2d           Win32BlitLoops.java
 2d           Win32DDRenderer.java
 2d           Win32OffScreenImage.java
 2d           Win32OffScreenSurfaceData.java
 2d           Win32PeerlessImage.java
 2d           Win32Renderer.java
 2d           Win32ScaleLoops.java
 2d           Win32SurfaceData.java
 AWT/I18n     (rest of the files)

Ownership of directories in src/java.desktop/windows/native/

 2d           common
 AWT          include
 2d           libawt/java2d
 2d, AWT      libawt/windows
 2d           libfontmanager
 AWT          libjawt
 sound        libjsound
 AWT          iibsplashscreen

Ownership of files in src/java.desktop/windows/native/libawt/windows

 AWT          CmdIDList.cpp
 AWT          CmdIDList.h
 2d           GDIHashtable.cpp
 2d           GDIHashtable.h
 AWT          Hashtable.cpp
 AWT          Hashtable.h
 2d           MTSafeArray.cpp
 2d           MTSafeArray.h
 AWT          ObjectList.cpp
 AWT          ObjectList.h
 AWT          ShellFolder.cpp
 2d           WBufferStrategy.cpp
 2d           WPrinterJob.cpp
 2d           Win32BackBufferSurfactData.cpp
 2d           Win32BlitLoops.cpp
 2d           Win32D3DRenderer.cpp
 2d           Win32DDRenderer.cpp
 2d           Win32GdiBlitLoops.cpp
 2d           Win32OffScreenImage.cpp
 2d           Win32OffScreenSurfaceData.cpp
 2d           Win32Renderer.cpp
 2d           Win32SurfaceData.cpp
 2d           Win32SurfaceData.h
 AWT          alloc.h
 AWT,2d       awt.h
 AWT          awt.ico
 AWT          awt.rc
 AWT          awt_AWTEvent.cpp
 AWT          awt_AWTEvent.h
 AWT          awt_AWTKeyStroke.cpp
 AWT          awt_Brush.cpp
 AWT          awt_Brush.h
 AWT          awt_Button.cpp
 AWT          awt_Button.h
 AWT          awt_Canvas.cpp
 AWT          awt_Canvas.h
 AWT          awt_Checkbox.cpp
 AWT          awt_Checkbox.h
 AWT          awt_Choice.cpp
 AWT          awt_Choice.h
 AWT          awt_Clipboard.cpp
 AWT          awt_Clipboard.h
 AWT          awt_Color.cpp
 AWT          awt_Color.h
 AWT          awt_Component.cpp
 AWT          awt_Component.h
 AWT          awt_Cursor.cpp
 AWT          awt_Cursor.h
 2d           awt_CustomPaletteDef.h
 AWT          awt_DataTransferer.cpp
 AWT          awt_DataTransferer.h
 AWT          awt_Debug.cpp
 AWT          awt_Debug.h
 AWT          awt_DesktopProperties.cpp
 AWT          awt_DesktopProperties.h
 AWT          awt_Dialog.cpp
 AWT          awt_Dialog.h
 AWT          awt_Dimension.cpp
 AWT          awt_Dimension.h
 AWT          awt_DnDDS.cpp
 AWT          awt_DnDDS.h
 AWT          awt_DnDDT.cpp
 AWT          awt_DnDDT.h
 2d           awt_DrawingSurface.cpp
 2d           awt_DrawingSurface.h
 AWT          awt_Event.cpp
 AWT          awt_Event.h
 AWT          awt_FileDialog.cpp
 AWT          awt_FileDialog.h
 AWT          awt_Font.cpp
 AWT          awt_Font.h
 I18n         awt_InputMethod.cpp
 2d           awt_Mlib.cpp
 2d           awt_Mlib.h
 2d           awt_Multimon.h
 2d           awt_Palette.cpp
 2d           awt_Palette.h
 2d,AWT       awt_PrintControl.cpp
 2d,AWT       awt_PrintControl.h
 2d,AWT       awt_PrintDialog.cpp
 2d,AWT       awt_PrintDialog.h
 2d,AWT       awt_PrintJob.cpp
 2d,AWT       awt_PrintJob.h

 2d           awt_Rectangle.cpp
 2d           awt_Rectangle.h
 2d           awt_Win32GraphicsConfig.cpp
 2d           awt_Win32GraphicsConfig.h
 2d           awt_Win32GraphicsDevice.cpp
 2d           awt_Win32GraphicsDevice.h
 2d           awt_Win32GraphicsEnv.cpp
 2d           colordata.h
 2d           img_util_md.h
 2d           mlib_types_md.h
 AWT/I18n     (Rest of the files)