Mobile Project

(The project name is pronounced Mobeel as in Mobile, AL)

The goal of this Project is to focus on porting the JDK to popular mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The short term goal of this project is to support the following enhancements and prepare to integrate these into a future release of JDK 9.


Project Logistics


This project will be managing two different repositories with different integration rules. Both repositories are jcheck enabled and require issues to be used for integration.

The mobile/jdk9 forest will only be allowed to contain OpenJDK official approved changeset that have been properly reviewed as if they were going to be immediately integrated into JDK 9.

The mobile/dev repository will be used for integration of features that are either not approved for JDK 9 integration, early prototypes, or sharing of early features not yet ready for integration into mobile/jdk9.

Bug Tracking

We will be using the JDK project in the bug system to track changes and file RFE's and bugs. When filing or querying for issues, we will be using "9-repo-mobile" in the "Affects Version" and "Fix Version" fields.

Platform Specific Information/Links

For detailed information on each supported operating system platform such as tool requirements, building and running applications, click on the links below:

This Project is sponsored by the Porters Group.