JVM Language Summit

July 30–31, 2018
Oracle Auditorium, Santa Clara, California

We are pleased to announce the 2018 JVM Language Summit to be held at Oracle’s Santa Clara campus on July 30–31, 2018.

The JVM Language Summit is an open technical collaboration among language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. We will share our experiences as creators of both the JVM and programming languages for the JVM. We also welcome non-JVM developers of similar technologies to attend or speak on their runtime, VM, or language of choice.

Presentations will be recorded and made available to the public.

This event is being organized by language and JVM engineers—no marketers involved! So bring your slide rules and be prepared for some seriously geeky discussions.

The Summit will be immediately followed by the OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop, August 1–2.





The summit is held in a single classroom-style room to support direct communication between participants. About 100–120 attendees are expected.

The schedule consists of a single track of traditional presentations interspersed with less-formal multi-track “workshop” discussion groups and, possibly, impromptu “lightning talks.”

Workshops are open discussions with only a small amount of prepared material. We ask each registrant to suggest a few topics of interest. After choosing the most popular topics, we'll ask some registrants if they'd like to act as discussion leaders.

Many JVM Language Summit speakers and attendees are also deeply involved in the OpenJDK Community, where they do much of their technical work in their roles as OpenJDK Committers. This year, as an experiment, we’re going to host the first OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop right after the JVM Language Summit. To fit everything into the week, and allow time for travel, there will be two (rather than the usual three) days of the JVM Language Summit followed immediately by two days of the OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop, at the same location.

In short, OpenJDK Committers in attendance can look forward to four days of intense, inspiring collaboration around the JVM this year.

Why Should I Attend?


As space allows, we are open for registration at register.jvmlangsummit.com. Speaker registration ends May 25.

All registrants who are OpenJDK Committers may choose to concurrently register for the OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop. There is no additional charge.

Speakers: If you’d like give a presentation, please register as JVMLS Speaker or JVMLS Speaker (Oracle) (the latter for Oracle employees) and include a detailed abstract. There is no fee. See below for help preparing your abstract and talk. You will be notified about whether your proposal has been accepted; if not, you will be able to register as a regular attendee.

Regular attendees: Please register as an Attendee. To cover costs, we are charging a conference fee of $295. Space is limited; if there are no available slots, send us an email and we'll let you know if we end up with more openings.

Oracle employees: Oracle employees interested in attending (but not speaking) should register as Attendee (Oracle). There is no fee. There may be more interested employees than there is space to accomodate them. Thus, all Oracle registrations are provisional, and you will be notified about approval. In the mean time, you should also get approval to attend from your manager.

Questions? Please send inquiries to inquire2018@jvmlangsummit.com.

All registrants should review the Oracle Event Code of Conduct.

Instructions for Speakers

For a successful speaker submission, please note the following:

The conference will be recorded professionally for posting on the Internet. We encourage you to allow your talk to be recorded and posted by completing the speaker release form (PDF). If you do not wish your talk to be recorded, simply do not complete the release form.

Previous Summits

Our short URL is jvmlangsummit.com. It redirects into the OpenJDK Da Vinci Machine Project.