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Packages that use MonitoredHost
sun.jvmstat.monitor Provides classes for monitoring instrumented HotSpot Java Virtual Machines. 
sun.jvmstat.monitor.event Provides classes for event types and event listeners for MonitoredHost and MonitoredVm events.. 
sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor.protocol.file Provides the implementation classes for the file: protocol for the HotSpot PerfData instrumentation buffer monitoring implementation. 

Uses of MonitoredHost in sun.jvmstat.monitor

Methods in sun.jvmstat.monitor that return MonitoredHost
static MonitoredHost MonitoredHost.getMonitoredHost(HostIdentifier hostId)
          Factory method to construct a MonitoredHost instance to manage the connection to the host indicated by hostId.
static MonitoredHost MonitoredHost.getMonitoredHost(String hostIdString)
          Factory method to construct MonitoredHost instances to manage connections to the host indicated by hostIdString
static MonitoredHost MonitoredHost.getMonitoredHost(VmIdentifier vmid)
          Factory method to construct a MonitoredHost instance to manage the connection to the Java Virtual Machine indicated by vmid.

Uses of MonitoredHost in sun.jvmstat.monitor.event

Methods in sun.jvmstat.monitor.event that return MonitoredHost
 MonitoredHost HostEvent.getMonitoredHost()
          Return the MonitoredHost source of this event.

Constructors in sun.jvmstat.monitor.event with parameters of type MonitoredHost
HostEvent(MonitoredHost host)
          Construct a new HostEvent instance.
VmStatusChangeEvent(MonitoredHost host, Set active, Set started, Set terminated)
          Construct a new VmStatusChangeEvent instance.

Uses of MonitoredHost in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor.protocol.file

Subclasses of MonitoredHost in sun.jvmstat.perfdata.monitor.protocol.file
 class MonitoredHostProvider
          Concrete implementation of the MonitoredHost interface for the file: protocol of the HotSpot PerfData monitoring implementation.